SIA "Amerikas Baltijas Tehnoloģiju Korporācija" is currently one of the leading suppliers and introducers of medicinal products and technologies in Latvia, and one of the best experts in designing the technical solutions for hospitals, clinics and departments, and implementation thereof in the hospitals of Latvia.

Development in new directions takes place in addition to daily activities, including in the direction of automation of hospital laboratories and development of networks for exchange of information of medical technologies. The opportunities to develop in new, innovative directions are also being researched.




Loyal customers





Years of experience


SIA "Amerikas Baltijas Tehnoloģiju Korporācija" was founded in 1998. Initial field of the company’s operation was the distribution of simple medical devices and disposable medicinal products in the market of Latvia. A service department of medical equipment was eventually formed. We started to introduce in the market technically more complex technologies and devices. Larger and more sophisticated projects were started and implemented.


Product distribution

We are local distributor of products and equipment for many worlds’ largest manufacturers of medicinal products.

Experience in medical field

The company and its employees have extensive experience in such highly qualified medical fields as cardic surgery, arithmology, invasive cardiology, neurosurgery, laboratory diagnostics, emergency care and general surgery.

Planning and construction

The company has extensive experience in planning and construction of the hospital infrastructure.

Delivery and installation

Experience in supplying and installation of technologies in the following fields: planning, supply and installation of surgery rooms, emergency services, central sterilization departments, clinical laboratories and the necessary equipment and technologies thereto.


All team members in sales and business development have tertiary medical or technical education. The qualification is constantly being improved, by participating in the seminars and courses organized by various manufacturers several times a year. The company is in constant development with clear strategic objectives and solution for every business year, project and installation. The team experience and skills is a guarantee for successful implementation of technologically and clinically complex projects.

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